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Everyday we make consumer choices that impact the person buying and receiving the product. But, what if our money and choices could benefit a mother, a child, or a family in need of clean drinking water, housing, medical care, food and much more. This concept of consuming for the good of others inspired 141 LIFE, a philanthropic company designed to empower consumers to give to the poor, as they consume.

141 LIFE’s first initiative is Shirt4Life, TREATING INFANT HIV.

Shirt4Life provides shirts that are modern, hip, and comfortable, while treating infant HIV. Shirt4Life started in 2011, after we met Brad Gautney with Global Health Innovations on a Newsboys project. We were completely moved by Brad’s passion and commitment to the HIV work he was doing in Africa and Haiti.

In 2008, Brad and his colleague started the HIV Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) program that the Haiti government eventually adopted as the nation’s own HIV EID program. In Africa, Global Health Innovations has taken medical testing and treatment to a whole new level with the HITSystem, (HIV Infant Tracking System) which is an automated tracking system that hospitals use to track HIV exposed infants needing HIV testing and insure they are started on HIV medication treatment when positive. In Kenya where the HITSystem is being used, only 10-15% of infants born to mothers with HIV are tested and in many hospitals even less than that are treated when HIV positive. NOW, the HITSystem ensures 100% of the babies born to mothers with HIV in these hospitals receive the testing and medical care needed to survive.

Right now, Global Health Innovation has installed the HITSystem in 4 large hospitals in Kenya and will be in 10 hospitals there by the end of the year. Shirt4Life is dedicated to helping Global Health Innovation’s effort in treating infant HIV to help insure these babies grow up to be healthy children.

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